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Paul Ludden, Kass Green, and Jim Lugg
My 1969 Volkwagen Beetle Engine sits in front of our garage as my father and I get ready to install it; the final task in our restoration of my Dad's first car.

I Built This Site as a place for VW enthusiasts to gather and learn about aircooled volkwagens and to document my volkswagen experiences. I have owned two volkswagens, my first was a 1974 Super Beetle SunBug special edition, which my parents bought in '74 and I inherited when I turned sixteen. The second was a 1969 Beetle, which was my Dad's first car and which I inherited when I went to college (it was a more reliable long-distance car) and then I returned back to my Dad when I went to graduate school. The restoration of the 69 Beetle is documented here.

Another focus of the site is to have a reliable list of tech articles and reviews of VW vendors I have used. To a lesser extent, I also have up a VW Forum as well as the latest VW-related Articles under the News and Events section.

I'm currently writing up a "History of the VW" and under VW MISC, I'm bringing together a collection of volkswagen books, volkswagen commercials and vw ads amoung other things.


{News and Events Section include our all VW-related new items and a VW Events Database. Come and check it out. }

February 18th -- New Photos from the Los Angeles Auto Show 2005. Pictures of the new 2006 Jetta, a two-tone New Beetle Convertible Sixties Concept and the New Convertible Color Top -- Red.

May 18th -- I am in Tanzania for the Summer 2004. So I probably will not be updating the site until I return in mid-August. I am working on my practicum experience for my Masters in Public Health program at Emory University. I am keeping a Online Travel Journal if you would like to follow along for the summer.

  • Online Travel Journal
  • April 1st -- I have begun posting my Volkwagen restoration story. My Dad and I begin the restoration of his first car, a Savannah Beige Beetle Sedan he bought new in 1969 in Southern California a year into college. My mom and him put about 130,000 on the bug before retiring it in about 1985. We began the first restoration of the bug in the summer of 1997, the summer after my freshman year in college so I would have a car to drive up in Berkeley andgot the car running for the first time in a decade. The car came home to my dad after overheating and cracking a cylinder in summer '02 and this past winter '03 while I was home over break from grad school in Atlanta we finally finished the car by having it professionally repainted and reinstalling a new headliner and rebuilding the engine. Read the rest of the story here or click on the "My Bugs" link in the nav menu.




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