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Cool Beetle Advertisements and Beetle Posters over the years:

I have collected images of volkswagen posters and you can see many below:

Even in the chief where have 34 as many as wifves Economy is virtue

Being large, being fast, but the expensive car was the object of ardor of king family always., the king family like King Ni G Lee of the, perhaps, excessive ardor and the like it has not happened to have probably is.
Or, furthermore excess it probably is there is no having adjusting of the gold therefore (it seems that recently also king trading excessively stops making a profit)., is the case that Volkswagen says exactly in the king like King Ni G Lee.
1,639 dollars the price which is said so is not different from the price of the new wife with the new model car, if dies. cost of maintenance is compared to that, because the VW may directly be cheap, don't you think?.
Gasoline 1? Runs the 11.5km. also the tire the 64,000km has with P.
The Volkswagen replacement very is simple, therefore (exchange of the fender catches 20 minutes, the removal of the engine or only 45 minutes). repair being simple, it is cheap.
At the same time, the VW when it does not disassemble lasts long splendidly therefore., the old VW value Hari, is good enormously enormously, is.
When year the chief who is taken goes to hunt just, when it is the sufficient used car which was used don't you think? especially....

" It was the only thing to do after the mule died".

3 years ago, at the house which lives in the Missouri gong, it was perplexed to doing a certain determination.
It should buy the new donkey?
It should spend in the old helmet insect?
As for family it compared examined the possibility of both.
But first problem is the winter when local hill zone is harsh. in the donkey of the endotherm is hard. it is not particularly hard in the VW of air cooled system.
Next, how food habit of this competitor? the lintel anti- gasoline.
As for the person you said." I ran the distance above the 130km with the gasoline of 1 dollar, arrived to destination much fast "
Then, problem of the road which goes into the mountain hut of family. in the donkey and the former automobile which pull the cart, until the foot going to the side, it arrives in the mud road, being the between always to catch, it does.
In addition the shed which keeps out the rain and dew needs in the donkey, but, it is unnecessary. << as for the helmet insect it keeps putting out outside 1 Japan and China doing, the unconcern, color you do not awaken at all in the helmet insect >>
Lastly, you must think either the point of continuation.
The donkey when it collapses, end, is regrettable with that, but crushing is not effective.
But the helmet insect does 10001 collapsing, all right. being to be the Volkswagen dealer in the place of distance of only 7 liters in the house, because.

In New York and in Chicago,
Please try thinking well even in San Francisco

In order to take this photograph, the town was let flow by the Volkswagen taxi.
You called the thing to which we make traffic stop and others!
If you have become viewing, distantly it became the thought this much there are no the parenthesis good ones probably will be. perhaps, it probably is to be like the.
Volkswagen being to be short does the 1.2m in comparison with the other taxi.
Because is, when we assume, all it became car so, the no km ones new street being free, it does with kind of those which it is possible.
Being to be small-statured, the VW helix anther it is possible. to pass, while the lady of somewhere has searched 5 cent ball of the tip/chip, either kind of traffic being jammed, does not occur.
If it makes Volkswagen, while estimating more increase the quantity, it is possible to be able to send more economically, probably is.
You can forget the antifreeze of the winter and unnecessary, the overheat of the summer. the engine of the VW is air cooled system because.
Especially, as for driver and 2 passengers of the VW, to do the thinking which is much funnier than every 3 people of town it is possible.
Halting in the street corner, " Volkswagen! " The as for shouting, whether the strange lever feeling does, the
So, it is splendid sound in us.

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