Site Review: Vintage Parts Inc.
Vintage Parts Inc, located in Burbank, CA is one of the older VW parts supply stores in California. They specialize mainly in 1949-1967 Beetles and Buses. These years' VWs are also known as the classics because '67 was the last year of the old style Beetle, whereas in '68 the Beetle had a large facelift done to it to help "modernize it." The Website was opened late in August and well over two thousand people have visited it in this time. Right now they have only a catalog request form on the page as they wait to complete their new catalog which will then be placed on their website.

Design of the site.
The design of the site strongly incorporates a tables format design which takes advantage of Netscape 3.0 and greater specifications. Although, the site has been designed to be viewed on many differently sized screens, from 14" to 21" because of the way the tables design has been done. The graphics, especially the one on the front page of the volkswagen car menu are very well done and well incorporated into the design. A congratulation must go out to the creators of this site, Magmaweb Studios, also the designer of this site. They are able to incorporate the menus into a very neet sparse format. The site is very clean and uncluttered looking which is quite pleasing to the eye. Overall, a great site.

Vintage Parts Inc

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