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My 1969 Beetle Restoration

My Experiences with Aircooled Volkswagen Vendors

I have purchased the majority of my volkswagen parts at Wolfsburg West. I hghly recommend them; they have great service, selection and overall, the best quality of any of the aftermarket aircooled volkswagen parts on the market. You pay a bit more for the quality, but its practically better than original. I have never actually shopped online at their site as I prefer to go to their store since its not too far from my house, but their site looks great as well. Check it Out.

The other place I have purchased parts and have found the quality to be excellent was West Coast Metric. WCM specializes in rubber parts and interior parts. They make much of their products in-house and those that they don't they have been able to find German parts.

Below are some other online Volkswagen Vendors for Aircooled Volkswagen Parts:



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